Terms and Conditions

  • People who are above 18 years of age are supposed to register to the phentermine-web.com. If your age is less than the mentioned then it is a must that you should not buy pills from here without the guidance of your parents.
  • According to the law in our country, Phentermine-web.com might not be in a position to gather any data from people who are below the permissible age.
  • So if this online pharmacy has collected any of the information mistakenly, then you can let us know about it. When this is done it would be easy for us to delete it immediately.
  • The terms and conditions are mandatory and everyone should follow this at any cost. This also implies for the loyal customers. In fact, even we would follow the conditions.
  • All the content, images and graphics that are present in Phentermine-web.com are not for any business purposes. You should not modify it and use it for any purpose. We have a copyright for all these hence when you have missed it then it would be considered as a violation.
  • You have to know that Phentermine-web.com is not promoting any weight loss medication, or treatment methods through this mail order pharmacy.
  • We believe that it would be responsible for the individual to choose every drug that they need for the course of therapy.
  • The terms and conditions that are mentioned in this page would alter from time to time without any prior notice. So, check every time to keep it updated. The conditions would be implemented as soon as this is updated in this page.
  • We might not deliver the Phentermine drug on time due to any natural calamity. In these circumstances; you cannot expect Phentermine-web.com to ship the package on time to your location.
  • The online pharmacy would not be responsible for any situation if your computer or laptop is affected by any virus. It is you who have to use the proper anti-virus so that you can stay safe during the visit in our site.
  • The medication that is sold in the external links does not have any business with Phentermine-web.com.
  • The online pharmacy holds no responsibility for other external websites. So, it is you who have to take any responsibility if you suffer from any issues that occur because of those websites
  • Phentermine-web.com is not questionable at any of these scenarios. The user is liable for this.

We will not sell any of the information that our customers provide to this mail order pharmacy. There is an exception and only if it is the court’s order we would have to abide by it. In this situation, we would be offering the details to the court.