Refund Policy

This is an online pharmacy which follows the best refund policy compared to others.  When you read this you can know fully about the refund policy that we are following and that you should abide for. You can also know about the amount that would be refunded. If you are in need of refund you can claim it only after you read this page cautiously. There are certain eligibilities or requirement and you have to be in that situation and only then you can get the refund. We can cancel your request provided had not met the criteria.

When can you return the medications?

You should raise the refund within seven days if you reside in the US. The money would not be refunded immediately. The money would be refunded to your account only after certain business days. People in the United Kingdom need to raise the issue within a week. The money to be refunded to the account would be processed and you can expect a result within fifteen days of time.

Australian people can raise the ticket within 7 working days. For them it would take approximately 21 days to get a refund. There are certain factors that contribute to the change in the refund they are the country and the banking service.

Returning process of the package

Right parcel of the drug

If you are sure that you need not want the medication then you should not unwrap the package at all. These individuals are supposed to contact our representatives and they can notify it. But there is no issue if you have already opened the parcel. Our member might check the medication prior collecting it. If the employee did not confirm to us about the package then they might not be able to take it back.

Wrong parcel to your place

When you are sure that the bundle that you have got is not yours then you can go about doing this. The worker does not collect the parcel from you directly. The procedure that you are supposed to follow is that you have to raise the complaint. Important note, you have to do this within 7 days of receiving the parcel. You are not supposed to exceed it at any cost. The notification can be done either by contacting the representative through our toll-free number or by e-mail.

The verification process would start by the worker. We would take the medication without any extra delivery cost provided we are on wrong side. In case, if the fault is on your side then it is mandatory for you to pay for the shipping.

Receiving Broken package

The package should be checked by you immediately. This is essential as once certain time frame is crossed we might not accept your privilege.

  • If it is the correct package you have should pay $30 for the single parcel and the delivery charge is also mandatory.
  • If it is an incorrect package and the fault lies on you then 50 percent of the total expense should be paid by you.

Right to get a refund

Any client who is registered to this online drugstore has the right to get a refund. This is true only when they match the following criteria.

Any damage to the tablet of any form has to be mentioned to us. When the same issue is claimed later a week we would not consider this claim at all. The medication bought from us and that has crossed the expiry date is eligible to be claimed. It is sure that you would get full refund in this position. If you want we can also reship the new set of medications to your required location.

When your healthcare professional told you to stop the treatment we cannot refund it. But in some situations we would offer refund but only after our representative validate the prescription of yours. Return process is not accepted in case of failure to prove it.

All details about the Pharmaceutical of your medication are stated in this online drugstore. You have the opportunity to get the details about it prior ordering the Modafinil online from us. You cannot claim for the refund if you do not like about the company once the medication is ordered.

We reship the new set of tablets to your place if the wrong is done by our side. We won’t expect you to pay the shipping price in the scenario. Only when we are not able to reship the drug to your place we would do the complete refund. To know about the process in a clear manner you can get in touch with our representatives.