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It is a drug that brings the dream life of a person in real. Obesity is a serious issue and it is a must for you to address it immediately.  Phentermine is a powerful phenomenon created exclusively for men and women those who are struggling to lose weight from the body. This drug is a generic version of its brand called Adipex.

However, the genetic variation is equally effective and a good option for a person and it is available at cheap price. Phentermine is an essential addition to the list of people who want to lose weight. They can definitely place their trust in generic Adipex. The medication is available in various doses but the common one is 37.5mg only.


The drug is suggested to be taken as per physician’s order. Starting with any dose without good word can impact health badly. Doctors suggest the dose after checking entire fitness history. They look for the cause of the issue.

In large part, Adipex starting dosage is 8mg.

Phentermine can be taken empty stomach or on a light stomach. Taking the medication on the heavy stomach is not recommended as the medicine would not be able to work. Oily meals and junk foods need to be avoided while taking this weight loss medication. You can intake the Phentermine drug with a glass of water. It is a must to avoid other solutions as water is universal solvent. Tablets would immediately get absorbed in the body.

We recommend fixing timings while consuming generic Adipex and this helps you to remember taking the medication at a right time. This medication can be consumed anytime in the morning but make sure you fix it for the next day too. However, a break of whole 24 hours is required to be kept between the consumptions of two medicines. Obeying to the recommended dose is most significant.

What to do for the drug prolonged existence?

Phentermine does come with an expiry date. However, if it is not stockpiled the correct way then it can become ineffective in a little time. The Storage of Phentermine should be carefully made. First of all, the medication should be stored in a temperature range of 25 to 30 degree Celsius.

Benefits of phentermine

  • Taking phentermine would provide you with many benefits. Some people would not be able to control their cravings towards food which is a negative point if you want to lose weight. But, when phentermine is taken it would suppress your appetite thus you would not have any temptations towards food.
  • Phentermine is an effective medication when combined with exercise and diet. People can easily lose a lot of weight when they follow this. The drug is very helpful for individuals who are suffering from health issues and have a body mass index of more than 30.
  • When you lose weight with the help of this medication, you would see an improvement in your confidence. Individuals who are very obese would have tried various methods and would have failed. So, achieving the goal as well as the outlook which you get once you lose weight would provide a positive effect on the mood.
  • When a person is obese, he or she would pave way for various health issues. So, losing weight would decrease this possibility and hence a person would be free from this risk. However, taking phentermine with the help of a doctor will be the only way it would fetch you these benefits.


Phentermine consumption is very safe. Ill effects are rarely heard about but the truth is that the drug does have certain side effects. The ill effects can vary from mild to serious side effects.

Mild side effects of Phentermine include- headache, stomach upset, impotency, dizziness and tremors. Usually, this kind of negative effects does not last long. They happen for a short period and vanish after a while. They become a cause for concern only if it lasts for a long time. See your healthcare professional in that case as soon as possible.

The drug has some serious moments as well. Some of them are chest pain, pounding heartrates, confusion, irritation, extreme happiness, and sadness. You have to visit the healthcare professional immediately in this situation. You should take the drug dose properly so that you can be safe.


  • The magical medication is for men and women. However, children are not supposed to take this medication because it may damage their health seriously.
  • This drug is for people above 18 years only.
  • Older men or those who are above 60 years of age should seek medical guidance before intake of the medication.
  • Alcohol and generic Adipex together might create a disaster in the body. So you are never allowed to take them together.
  • Overdosage of the drug is not recommended at all. In any situation, you should never exceed the dose suggested.
  • The drug does not burn fat and it is just an appetite suppressant.
  • Discard the medication appropriately if it crossed the expiry date.

Where to find authentic generic Phentermine?

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