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Adipex – Is this Weight Loss pill Worth the Risk?

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Mothers gain weight during pregnancy and many find it difficult to lose this extra weight after child birth. This extra weight can adversely affect the confidence of the mother. It might make them feel insecure. Many mothers will feel sluggish and this will make them unhappy.

To solve these problems many of them approach weight loss centers and are recommended Adipex.

Adipex is one of the many brand names for the drug phentermine. This drug does help mothers reduce weight, but there are many side-effects. Mothers must first consider the effects the drug will have on their body before they start using it.

Initially, the mother will feel like she is full of energy, but as time passes the drug will become less and less effective. This is because the body will get accustomed to it and will need it in higher levels. Meaning that the mother will be addicted to Adipex. Not only that, mothers will also develop lots of other medical conditions. One of the common conditions is loss of appetite. This means that the body is not getting the required nourishment it deserves.

As mentioned above the drug is highly effective, but one must consider the side effects that come with weight loss and decide if it is worth taking.

Adipex is highly addictive. This means that once the mother starts using them she will not be able to stop without experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

The drug can seriously affect the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. In most cases the damage done cannot be reversed. Also it affects the internal organs and the skin. Meaning the mother will replacing one problem with another.

They will lose their desire to have sex. Also, the drug will affect their sexual organs. Other side effects include abnormal behavior or/and hallucinations. Yes it is true, because Adipex is a drug.

And to make matters worse, Adipex does not come cheap, meaning that many mothers will have to spend a pretty penny to get their hands on it. Many mothers are ready to spend this money and put their bodies at risk. All to reduce weight. They are fooled by the initial result and continue to take the drug. Many of them fail to realize that it would be better if they started controlling their diet and exercising. By both exercising and controlling their diet they will lose their extra weight in a healthy manner.

However, the maximum time the drug can be taken safely is 3 months (Notice issued by the FDA). The FDA has also told that only overweight people with no other health issue or heart problems should take this drug. This can be determined only through proper testing.

The most problem with people who use Adipex is that they do not control their diet or exercise while they consume the drug. This means that once they stop using the drug, their lost weight will return. In some cases with a vengeance. That is they become even fatter than they were before.

First thing that all mother with weight problem must know is that weight loss centers do not conduct the proper tests before they recommend Adipex to their customers. They merely check the weight and suggest the drug. By doing so they are ruining the lives of not only mothers, but also other customers who visit their centers to lose weight. In fact, if tests were conducted properly then they would not suggest Adipex to their customers.

So, if any mother wants to lose weight after child birth then they should consult their general practitioner. The reason for this is that the practitioner will know your medical history and will conduct the required tests before they give a prescription. Also, since they know your medical history, they will prescribe medicines that will have the minimum side effects on your body.

The bottom line is that if you want to lose weight, it is better to control your diet and exercise. This is because the price you pay when you use one of these miracle options to reduce weight are far too great. So, great that in certain cases it might make the problems caused by overweight look better.