Cost of Phentermine compared to that of brand form Adipex

cost of phentermine vs cost of adipexPhentermine is the generic name for the brand Adipex. There are a number of generic brand names and forms available for the weight loss drug. Indeed, what any user would notice immediately is the stark difference between the generic and the brand. Whether you opt to order the weight loss medication from the local brick-and-mortar drugstore or from an online pharmacy, the cost of the generic Phentermine would only be a fraction of the brand variant.

Losing weight with the help of Phentermine is essential for those who are morbidly obese and need help with the weight loss. Also, not every person would be able to afford brand Adipex and they would just opt for the generic pills as they work just as effectively. Some may wonder why Phentermine costs far less than the brand when both work the same way. There may even be doubts raised as to the quality of the generic weight loss pills. Here’s a simple primer on why the prices are different for the generic and the brand, which may or may not affect what you choose to use for weight loss.

Reasons for the difference between Phentermine and Adipex brand pricing

The major reason for the pricing disparity is that Adipex was the first commercially available form of the diet pills. This means that the drug maker used many resources to research, develop, conduct trials, and receive FDA approval, and only then made it available for public use. The original drug maker of Adipex would hold the patent rights until the time of expiry.

Phentermine drug has been in use for many decades now and has numerous generic manufacturers. The generic brand name variants are made in different countries, with resources that are cheap to procure, but still, produce quality products that are bioequivalent to Adipex.

Another reason for the pricing difference is that there is high competition among the Phentermine drug companies. Pricing the drug competitively, which is well below the Adipex pricing, would mean that more persons opt for this variant of the medication.

Is it possible to buy Adipex for cheap?

Apart from the pricing difference, the one other dissimilarity is that of the inactive ingredients used to bind the pills. This does not affect the drug usage as such, but some persons are likely to find that these excipients can be allergic. Certain users may find that the medicine is the only one that works for them even though the Phentermine pills are cheaper.

This does not mean that you have to pay more for the drug. The best way to avail cheap Adipex is by using an online pharmacy. Here, there are numerous options that can help bring down the drug price in the form of Phentermine discount, coupons, promo codes, Phentermine bulk buy options, loyalty discounts, bonus pills, etc. Do some comparison shopping to get the best deals. Phentermine may still cost less than the brand variant, but you do have the option to choose the drug of your preference without worrying about the cost.