How to minimize the risk of side effects to Phentermine?

minimize Phentermine side effectsPeople would take Phentermine medication to lose excess weight but unexpectedly they would also suffer from various side effects. But, the truth is that the mistake would be on your side. People only concentrate on losing weight and they do not take measures to do it in the right way. Follow our instructions to minimize the risk of getting affected by side effects.

Drink plenty of water

Dry mouth is one of the common side effects that a person suffers from while taking Phentermine. This is nothing but a limitless thirst that could lead to sore gums and mouth ulcers.

Most of them would not even drink water that is actually required for the body in a day. When on Phentermine medication, it is very much important to drink lots of water failing which causes dry mouth. Keep the bottle next to you and drink whenever you feel thirsty.

You can also intake lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content. This would avoid dry mouth in a person.

Reduce stress

Insomnia can occur in patients taking Phentermine. It is very important to sleep at night properly or else you would get unhealthy eating habits. People with less sleep would choose wrong foods. Before going to sleep, it is very important to reduce the stress. This is definitely a killer of good sleep.

Create a peaceful environment to sleep. Take a warm bath before going to bed and drink mild hot milk. Avoid using any electronic gadgets and consuming coffee in the evening.

Get rid of Constipation

Increasing the intake of water is needed if the person suffers from constipation while on Phentermine medication. Through this, it is possible to wash away the wastes from the body. Water would be the best replacement for juices, soda, coffee, and alcohol. Intake of these might only worsen the Constipation. Fiber-rich foods like whole grain bread, vegetables, beans, and cereal can be taken.

Handle nausea easily

Nausea is definitely a major issue with Phentermine. Ginger can be a remedy for it. You can take ginger tea. Boil water and add a little bit of ginger in it and then drink it.  Nausea might occur when you do not consume food for longer period of time.

So, it is better to eat a meal properly at equal intervals while on Phentermine medication.

Eat right to avoid dizziness

You have to know that 1200 calories would be the minimum to eat in a day. You should not eat less than this. If you are very obese or tall then you can take little more calories during the Phentermine treatment. The decrease in the sugar levels in the body would also be the reason behind dizziness.

It would be the best idea to divide the meal into five and take it. When a person eats food properly the sugar level in the body remains constant and he or she would not feel dizzy.

Though there are few side effects that can occur while taking Phentermine pills you need not have to be worried about it because there are easy steps that can be followed in order to minimize the risk. Before order Phentermine let know how to consume medication, as instructed by the healthcare professional would be the best option to stay out of ill effects.